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Container Types

(a) Dry Container
Dry Containers is the most popular and used for transportation of various general cargos. It is also called “Standard container” and it is mostly made of steel.

(b) Refrigerated Container (Reefer Container)
Refrigerated container (Reefer container) is used for transportation of frozen and chilled cargos (eg, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and films ). It is equipped with refrigeration unit and can maintain the target temperature (from –18 to 20 degrees centigrade).

(c) Open Top Container
Open top container is used for transportation of high height and heavy cargos. It is covered by canvas in order to protect from rain and wind when they are moving.

(d) Flat Rack Container、Flat Bed Container
Flat rack container is used for transportation of bulky cargo which is unable to handle by general container. It is designed for carrying extra wide loads and can be load from both side and top as it has not got any walls and roof. Flat bed container is also used for transportation of giant cargo, as it has not got any superstructure.

(e) Tank Container
Tank container is used for transportation of liquid, as molts, soy sauce and chemical goods and so on. A framework surrounds a tank with the overall dimensions of a container and it is common to be owned by a shipper.

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